Fully Automated Nagios – F.A.N.

What is F.A.N?

The Fully Automated Nagios (F.A.N.) distribution is a Linux distribution based on CentOS released in 2008. This initiative was led by Cédric TEMPLE, Olivier LI-KIANG-CHEONG, David HANNEQUIN and Thibault COHEN. This distribution provides the user with a set of tools such as:

  • A monitoring tool (Centreon)
  • A mapping tool (Nagvis)
  • A wiki (Docuwiki)

Long acclaimed for its ease of installation, it was a widely used distribution because it easily allowed to deploy a monitoring tool and especially to be able to take advantage of the F.A.N. but also from the Centreon and Nagios communities to deploy your monitoring indicators.
Believe it or not the founder of our company started on this distribution :).
To date, the F.A.N solution is no longer developed by its community? F.A.N was a very serious project led by a real team of experts and enthusiasts and we take this page to thank each of the actors who participated in this project!
This is why, we decided not to abandon the users of this distribution in the evolution of their monitoring platform. As an Open Source monitoring player, we want to support current users in the migration of their monitoring infrastructure.

What will become of the F.A.N project?

We are not going to offer new versions of F.A.N. because packaged and professional solutions already exist and work wonderfully. Nevertheless, we have just recovered the fullyautomatednagios.org domain and we will try as much as possible to support you in a migration of your platform. We invite you to regularly follow this page for news.
The Sourceforge repositories that currently exist will be kept: you can still access version 2.4 of F.A.N.
Below we suggest a path that allows you to migrate your monitoring infrastructure.

Why migrate your platform?

Here are the product versions used by F.A.N. :

  • Linux CentOS 5
  • Centreon Web 2.4.5
  • Nagvis 1.7.10
  • Nagios 3.4.4

These versions are now deprecated and do not benefit from any support or security patches. In addition, since version 2.6 Centreon no longer supports Nagios. By keeping these versions you will meet security problems and you will not be able to make uses of the latest improvements of the Centreon product.

Migration track

We strongly advise people using this type of distribution to switch to the Centreon version packaged by the editor and accessible through the URL: https://download.centreon.com/. Using this distribution is the guarantee for you to have a version maintained by the publisher.
Since version 20.04 of Centreon, the Centreon IT Editions version is free for less than 100 machines. Also, this may be an opportunity to redesign your monitoring through this paquaging.
You can also use Centreon CLAPI to migrate the data from your F.A.N. towards Centreon.
To replace Docuwiki, the Centreon Knowledge Base module is fully integrated with Centreon and allows you to have a wiki linked to your monitoring tool.
Finally, the Nagvis product can be reinstalled on the Centreon distribution or you can prefer the Centreon MAP product which also allows you to have editor support.

To be accompanied

Although Open Source migrating an F.A.N. can hardly be done without the help of an expert. At Lolokai Conseil, we are experienced in migrating Centreon monitoringenvironment (based on FAN or not): with several migrations every month with various customers, we are able to assist you in the migration of your monitoring tool and in maintenance of it. Also, do not hesitate to contact us through the form below for all types of requests (questions, needs, support …).